Pokemon E3 News


All the Pokemon Sword & Shield news along with live game play.

Firstly if you haven’t already seen the info from the Nintendo Direct last week about Sword & Shield click here.

New info was released at last nights Nintendo E3 event. For me this was at 1.30am last night, so I’m sure I’m not the only one who couldn’t stay up and watch it live.

First off we have the Pokemon Sword & Shield Presentation with Shinya Takahashi from Nintendo. We get a sneak at the new Water Pokemon gym leader. Check out the video below.

There was also live game play supplied by Tree House. It is 21 minutes long, but you get to see more of the wild area and multiplayer features.

So what did every one think?

I’ve already pre-ordered the special bundle with a collectors steal book 🙂

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