Pokémon Evolutions


A new Pokémon Anime is coming!

A few years back a short series made by the Pokémon Company appeared on Youtube. This was called Pokémon Generations. Its probably still available on Youtube so look it up cause its good! Anywhere this new Pokémon Evolutions is pretty much a similar thing but based on more recent stories like Sun and Moon and Sword and Shield. The Evolutions Anime will be a very short series like Twilight wings, as there is only going to be 8 episodes made. They are believed to be jammed packed with goodies tho, as Leon, Lillie and a large range of Legendary Pokemon are said to appear.

There has been so many short series made these days by the Pokemon Company lets hope this one is more like the Pokemon Generations. The series starts on the official Pokemon Youtube on Sept 9, or just check back here as I will have each ep listed in our Anime section once released.

You can watch the first trailer for the whole series here:

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