Pokemon EX Drawing


Popular Cartoonist Yuske Murata is teaming up with the Pokemon Center!

Mr Yusuke Murata has drawn a dynamic Pokemon piece of an art battle scene.

Yusuke Murata

Who’s Mr. Yusuke Murata?
Japanese cartoonist. July 4, 1978 Born in Kumamoto Prefecture. 
Representative works include “Eye shield 21” (“Weekly Shonen Jump”), “One Panman” (“My Neighbor Jump”) and so on. 
The overwhelmingly powerful and powerful character making, not only the general fan but also attracts respect from other manga artists and illustrators.


Let’s check out what we got in store!

[wpvideo 3GQzfhTN]

Amazing right?

God I wish I had a talent like that.

If you wish to have a longer look at the items in this collection, check out the slideshow below.

My favourite item is the beautiful limited edition fine art piece. You don’t have to be a collector to appreciate it, but it would look amazing in my collection.


On May 25th all items will be available in Japan Pokemon Center’s as well as the online store. So far this is my favourite collection. What’s yours?

Author: Jesska

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