Pokemon Fossil Watches


New Exclusive Pokemon Fossil Watches have been released!

The Pokemon Center US have released an exclusive line of Pokemon themed watches to their online store. The collaboration is with Pokemon and Fossil watches. Six watches in total have been Pokemon themed, with two types 3 with steel straps (which are double the price of the standard) and the standard watches with the rubber straps. I love these designs, they really did well especially with the premium ones having a rear Pokemon feature as well.

Lets have a suss!

These premium watches are individually numbered and come in their own limited edition box with additional bands, so whether you like steel, leather or silicone bands, you have all options. These watches have glow in the dark indices and hands, are water resistant up to 10 meters (lets face it its gonna go on the display shelf!) and are only available to the Pokemon Center US online store.

Now lets look at the standard watches!

OG starters YAY. These watches come in a Pokemon themed tin. They have a laser etch start Pokemon on the face as well as on the rear of the watch. The bands are silicone with a buckle and these are also exclusive only to the Pokemon Center US store.

I am pretty amazed with these designs. The last lot of Pokemon watches were by BAMS (I think) and they were ugly and cheap looking. These defiantly look high quality like the Japanese Pokemon ones by Seiko. I am now taking orders for each type on my partner site. Click on each one below to have a suss 🙂

Gengar Watch

Silver Starter Watch

Gold Starters Watch

Squirtle Watch

Charmander Watch

Bulbasaur Watch

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