Pokémon Gardening Collection

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The Pokémon Center US just released a new Statue and Planter Collection!

Overnight the Pokémon Center US Online store released a new collection. This gardening set includes 4 statues and four succulent planters. In the picture they look quiet small but the Male Pika (one wiping his face) is actually 22cm tall and made from resin (just like the high quality Pokémon Parade Ones) we’ve been getting. The planters are roughly the same size with the Charmander being 19cm x 90cm, keeping in mind that is the whole figure size not the little pot he’s holding for your plant.

Lets have a look!



As much as I love Pokémon, I already had this idea with my 3d printing 🙂 I have Pokémon planters and watering cans, just like the Pika holding the Wailmer Waitering Can. If you wanna have a suss click here!

All items in this collection are made for interior or under cover areas, they are also available as of now and can be ordered on my partner site here 😀

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