Pokemon Go Gameplay Updates

A new “battle until you win” mechanism has been implemented in GO Battle League. If you lose all 5 matches in a set, you can continue playing in that same set until you win a match, for up to 15 losses, after which you’ll move to the next set.

The walking and PokéCoin requirements in GO Battle League to unlock sets are extended until May 1st.

This week’s 1 Pokécoin bundle has: 

  • Poké Balls × 30
  • Great Balls × 20
  • Razz Berries × 15
  • Pinap Berries × 20

You can access it until Monday, April 20, 2020, at 1:00 p.m. PDT. 

The maximum capacity for Bag space has been increased to 3,000 items.

In the latest update (0.173.0), you can now transfer multiple Pokémon wearing costumes from the Pokémon Storage screen. Please note that Pokémon that currently are or have been your Buddy cannot be transferred this way.

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