Pokemon Go Holiday 2018 event!


We have a holiday event! From December 18, 2018 until January 2, 2019, Ice-type Pokemon will appear more frequently in the wild. Some of the Pokemon that will be spawning more are: Jynx, Sneasel, Swinub, Snorunt, Spheal, the debut of Snover (who evolves into Abomasnow), and the return of festive hat Pikachu and Delibird (who may be shiny).



Delibird and shiny Delibird

New purpose will be given to 7km eggs as some baby Pokemon may now hatch from them, like Smoochum, Azurill and the debut of Munchlax (baby Snorlax).

To help with the hatching, a single-use incubator will drop from spinning a PokeStop once per day.
There will also be some extra bonuses every few days:

  • December 18-22: Double candy on captures and transfers
  • December 22-26: Double catch Stardust
  • December 26-30: Double catch XP
  • December 30 – January 2: Half-distance on incubators

New Pokemon:

  • Snover
  • Abomasnow
  • Munchlax

Sneasel can evolve into Weavile by using a Sinnoh Stone. Swinub and Snorunt have evolutions in Generation 4 that still have not been released, this is a good time to save up on candy and to find a good one for evolving. Any Snorunt can evolve into Glalie but only a female Snorunt can evolve into Froslass.
If you don’t have a Santa hat Pikachu or a  Delibird, now is your chance to catch one and if you have a Delibird, you can hunt for the shiny.
Chingling (baby Chimecho) can be seen in the promotional image.


Cresselia raids end just before the holiday event begins, so maybe we will see new Legendary Pokemon on raids. In the promotional image we can see Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf.

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