Pokémon Go November Update!


As of November first, Niantic has given us some goodies. So let’s get straight into it.

New Shinyyyyyyys!

Niantic has released that they are doing a celebration event with Ingress Prime. There will be a featured celebratory in-game event where……..shiny Cubone and Ponyta are available for capture!!! Pokémon Go players will also be gifted with a free avatar clothing items.
This event is now LIVE! Don’t miss out on this beautiful Ponyta!

shiny ponyta.jpg
Shiny Ponyta & Rapidash

shiny cubone.jpg
Shiny Cubone & Marowak

New Gen 4 Pokémon Released!

The following Pokémon can now be found and captured in the wild.

Community Day on November 10th, 2018!

Typhlosion will receive Blast Burn as its exclusive move for the next Community Day. So if you have a Quilava, don’t evolve it just yet! Hang on till November 10th so you can get this new powerful move.

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