Pokémon GO Valentine’s Day Celebration returns! 


We have another event starting right after the Lunar New Year celebration! From February 13, 2019 at 1pm PST until February 21, 2019 at 1pm PST we will have the following bonuses:

  • Pink Pokemon like Clefairy, Hoppip, and Luvdisc will spawn more often
  • Pink Pokemon will hatch more frequently from 7km eggs
  • Pink Pokemon like Chansey and Porygon will be available in Raid Battles
  • Lure Modules will last 6 hours instead of the usual 30 minutes
  • Double candies on captures

Additional information

  • A new Spinda pattern featuring a heart is now available in the research task “Make 5 Great Curveball Throws in a Row” for the duration of the event
  • Two more Research Tasks are available: “Catch 20 Luvdisc” for a Chansey and “Catch a Chansey” for 3 Rare Candies
  • Happiny (Chansey’s baby) has been confirmed to hatch from 7km eggs
  • New boxes are available for purchase in the in-game Shop

Spinda, new heart pattern


My thoughts

This event is a great opportunity to get a good IV Blissey since Happiny is now available in eggs and Chansey is available in Research Tasks and Raids. Chansey has always been a rare Pokemon and its candies  valuable. Double capture candies is a good opportunity to collect candies for evolutions and power ups. Luvdisc will be everywhere so you will get another chance to find its shiny variant. We will have a new limited Spinda available only during the event so try to find one!

Random Pokemon Fact

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