Pokemon Hisuian Snow Anime


The new Pokemon Hisuian Snow Anime is coming soon!

A new Pokemon Anime is coming to Pokemon TV and the Official Pokemon Youtube Channel. This new anime mini series is all about Pokemon and humans before they started to live life together in the Hisui Region. Like the previous Pokemon Animes like Twilight wings and Evolutions this series will be short and only have 3 episodes.

The first episode lays down the ground work for the story which is about a boy named Alec and his encounter with a Hisuian Zorua. When Alec was younger his father taught him that people and Pokemon cannot live together, that all changes when he meets Zorua. Below is the artworks for Alec, Alec as a kid, Alecs Father and also the Hisuian Zorua.

The first episode is going to air on May 18th 2022. I will pop the video up as soon as its live on Youtube.

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