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All the information we need to know about the new Pokemon Home Software!

Pokemon Home is a new cloud service to hold all of our Pokemon buds. What makes Pokemon Home different from the Pokemon Bank is that it can be accessed by Nintendo consoles and also our smart phones. Once you have downloaded the app on your phone and your console, all you need to do it login with the same Nintendo account.

Moving Pokemon to and from games!

Above you can see how all the Pokemon games can connect to the Pokemon Home app. Obviously the newest switch games Lets Go Evee & Pika and the Sword and Shield games are easily compatible. BUT there is one flaw to watch out for! If you move your Pokemon from the Lets go games into the Sword and Shield games you are unable to transfer them back. So they are stuck there for good. Transferring between only the Lets go games is safe, you can send them back and forth.

Pokemon Bank?

Both versions of the Home app (mobile and console) are also compatible with the Pokemon Bank. This way you can transfer all your Pokemon from your Nintendo DS/3DS games to your Pokemon Bank and then to Pokemon Home. Keeping in mind once transferred to the new app, they cannot be sent back to the Pokemon Bank.

Before we get to excited about putting thousands of our Pokemon onto Pokemon Home, you do require the ‘Premium Plan’ for Pokemon Home to be able to transfer Pokemon from your Pokemon Bank.

However! To celebrate the release of Pokemon Home, Nintendo will make the Pokemon Bank and Transport to Pokemon Home free for one month when the new app is release. SO I guess get on it straight away guys unless you wanna pay up.

Pokemon Home Plans?

Pokemon Trading?

You can now trade Pokemon right from your smart phone! Amazing right! There are four types of trading available on the Pokemon Home app.

Wonderbox – A Pokemon placed into the Wonder Box can be traded with anyone around the world. However you will need to sign up to the premium plan to increase the number of Pokemon you can trade in there.

GTS – With this type you can specify what Pokemon you want to trade and then receive. The app will then search other players with the app who want the same request as you and set up the trade. This is a great idea for people like me who don’t have many friends who play the new games. Again you will need to sign up to the premium plan to increase the number of Pokemon you can trade in there.

Room Trade – This type lets you create a room and trade with up to 20 people who have entered your room. This one is risky as you do not know what Pokemon you are trading for until the trade is complete. You can enter trading rooms at no cost, however you will need the ‘Premium Plan’ to create rooms.

Friend Trade – Here we have the classic friend trade! You can also save your friends in the Pokemon Home app (mobile or console) to trade with later.

Pokemon Go?

There are plans to support Pokémon GO in the future as well. Stay tuned!


Any Pokemon transferred to Pokemon Home will be registered to the National dex. Even if you move Pokemon from older games that can Mega Evolve or new games that have Gigantamax forms, these will all be registered as well. In this national dex you can see pokemon entries from various different games, all in one spot.

There are a few more little features in the Pokemon Home app like mystery gift, your own Pokemon home room and battle stats.

Finally after the announcement last year by Nintendo the Pokemon Home app has a release date of February this year!

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