Pokemon Hori Pad Mini Controllers

A New Type of Nintendo Switch Controller is Born!

It wouldn’t be a great release for new controllers if there wasn’t Pokemon themed ones. The slogan for these new Hori Pad mini controllers is: ‘Full-scale operation is possible with a small body! A controller that is easy to use even for small children’. They are easy to use, light and fit into your hand perfectly. The one downfall I did find is that they are USB wired controllers 🙁 It was bound to happen they sounded why to good. The cable has been made to be 3 metres long so at least we don’t have to sit on the floor.

Lets have a suss at the two types of Pokemon controllers

I pick the green one!

Below we have further details like size 70mm x 130mm , weight 160 grams and even the click button function.

All five variants of the Hori Pad mini controllers will be released in Japan this July. As soon as I have any further details, I will let you know 🙂

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