Pokémon is coming to Universals Studios Japan


A Pokémon Theme Park is coming!

Universal Studios Japan has announced just after the opening of Super Nintendo World, they will have a new partnership with the Pokémon Company. As Japan is the homeland for Pokémon I am actually surprised they didn’t think of this earlier! No images or designs have been released yet but we do know that Universal are looking to make a ‘theme’ experience (Hopefully like their Harry Potter world its AMAZING), and that multiple project are already underway to be released in 2022.

I can only imagine how big this new Pokémon theme park is going to be. With Universal Studios and the Pokémon Company to big highly rated companies, they will no doubt deliver some sort of new dimensional theme park and use they’re expertise of outstanding creativity and entertainment technology. They did also say the partnership is a medium to long one, so hopefully the new theme park will still be there by the time we can jump on a plane and go to Osaka, Japan.

As soon as I have any extra info, I’ll update 🙂

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