Pokemon Legends Arceus Switch Accessories

New Nintendo Switches Accessories have been announced for Pokemon Legends Arceus!

An American Company “Hori” has announced new Arceus switch accessories. Hori is an official Nintendo supplier/reseller who has brought us many accessories with Pokemon, Mario and other favourite Nintendo Characters. To tee up with the new Pokemon Game ‘Pokemon Legends Arceus” this “Adventure Pack” of accessories will be released early next year.

We have themed Grip Controllers, a protective switch case and a small backpack. Check them out below.

So far these items are available for pre order from the official Hori Store (US), Amazon.com and looking at some images online they will be released in Japan. So far I haven’t seen or heard anything about the release in Australia. The last time Hori released Pokemon Accessories we only got ‘half’ of the items available in the US and they were released in EB Games/JBHifi stores, about 6-8 months after the release.

I am currently taking pre orders here 🙂 Release Date is set at Jan 22, same date as the Arceus Game 🙂

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