Pokemon Lets Go Pro Controller!

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Isn’t… it… beautiful…..

Before we all get really excited, no Nintendo did not release a Pokemon Pro Controller. This is actually a replacement shell.
Turn this
Into this

controllercontreoller back

Now I’m not a big fan unofficial merchandise, but this is stunning. A fellow Nintendo Switch lover thought, there should have been a pro controller included in the Pokemon Let’s Go themed console.
On each hand grip you have Eevee and Pikachu colour’s just as we have on the Joy-cons. My favourite part is the Pika silhouette. On the console it was a grey with black images, where’s this one is a transparent grey, but hey I think they still nailed it!
The shell also includes the coloured buttons BUT you don’t need to use them. Like the original black buttons? No worries, then leave them in.
It’s up to us!
Authentic or awesomely awesome Pokemon?
I chose awesome Pokémon!
Just took a quick 15 minutes to change the shell and buttons over. Looks amazing! The perfect match.

My Pokémon switch and Pro controller


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