Pokemon Mini Car


A Pokemon Mini Concept Car has been revealed by BMW

A new Mini Concept Aceman car has been announced by car manufacture BMW but this is no ordinary all electric car, first looking at it, it just looks like a BMW x Mini Coop but it actually has ‘theme modes’. During this weeks Gamescom BMW showed fans the new car with a Pokemon Theme mode turned on.

This Pokemon Theme includes Pikachu welcoming you from the central OLED display, visual effects accross the dashboard, door lights that shine on the ground as you get in and out of the car as well as a built in mobile cinema, which has its own exerior projector. Pokemon Movie night anyone?

Here are some images of the car (the video is at the bottom of the post!)

What do I think? Honestly nice try BMW. No matter how techy and flashy you make this Pokemon theme concept it still will never beat the Pika-Bug and Lugia PT Cruiser that were released in American back in the early 2000s. They do not note how many ‘themes’ the new Mini can store and or this would be available anytime soon to the public. I think they are just jumping on the Pokemon band wagon. At the event you can also get a mini toy replica.

BMW release video

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