Pokemon Nonbiri Life Collection

A collaboration collection with the popular illustrator Chiharu Sakazaki!

The first collaboration with the artist and picture book writer Chiharu Sakazaki. Sakazaki is know for simple yet gentle illustrations. They give a sense of relaxation with it’ warm touch and pudgey cute faces.

In this collection we have a wide range of everyday items. They range from wooden coaster mugs, drink bottles, clothing, plush and bags. The totes and pouches are made from the fine Kurashiki canvas with bright coloured embroidery. The Kuraskiki canvas is full of warmth that has been woven from generation to generation in Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture since 1888. The canvas, made using traditional techniques and craftsmanship, comes second to none.

Let’s check out the items below.

This collection is set to be released in Pokemon Centers around Japan and online from February 8th 2020.

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