Pokemon Pottery Decorations

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Pokémon Center collaborates with the brand “Yakushigama Kiln” of Chugai Ceramics Co!

Chugai Ceramics manufactures traditional craft ceramics with a modern twist. These Pokemon Ceramic Decorations shine craftsmanship as they are created carefully one by one bu the hands of their highly skilled craftsmen.

Artist Atsuko Nishida worked with Chugai Ceramic to designed the Pokemon ceramics.



■ Atsuko Nishida
Responsible for the design of many popular Pokemon including the profile “Pikachu”. Worked on illustrations and designs for Pokemon games, card games and characters. Active as a graphic designer and illustrator.

Check out the four different types below:

We have two pottery decoration that comes with a pedestal and a gold screen, so it ’s perfect for the interior of the New Year, the other two ceramic decorations are actually bells. It will softly ring when you shake them.

This collection will be released in Pokemon Center’s around Japan and online on November 30th.

Pre-Orders are to come 🙂

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