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Last night, the Pokemon Company held their highly-anticipated Pokemon Presents 2023 stream, which ran for approximately 25 minutes. For those who missed it or are short on time, below are the highlights of what’s coming in the world of Pokemon in 2023 as well as the original stream video. Get ready for some exciting news and reveals!

Pokemon World Championship 2023

It’s great to hear about the upcoming Pokemon Championships that will be held in Yokohama, Japan this year. The event promises to be a grand affair, featuring various Pokemon events catering to different games such as Pokemon Unite, Pokemon TCG, Pokemon Go, and the classic Pokemon Battles. As a sneak peek into the theme for this year’s championships, the organizers have released the artwork showcasing the new Pokemon from the Paledon region. The event will be an exciting opportunity for Pokemon fans and players to come together, showcase their skills, and celebrate the beloved franchise.

Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic

It’s exciting to hear that a brand new Pokemon Trading Card Game set called “Classic” has been announced. Although there isn’t much information available yet as it’s still in production, it appears that the set will take us back to the basics with the original 151-card base set, including the rare Charizard. This full set will be ready to play the Pokemon TCG, and we can expect to see a preview of it at the upcoming Pokemon Championships in Japan. This announcement will surely delight long-time Pokemon fans and collectors who hold a special place in their hearts for the original Pokemon TCG set. Keep an eye out for more updates on this upcoming release!

Pokemon Concierge the new Netflix Show

Get ready for a unique Pokemon experience with the upcoming Netflix show, Pokemon Concierge. Unlike the traditional Pokemon series, this show features a distinct animation style, reminiscent of Wallace and Gromit’s claymation. The story revolves around a Pokemon resort and its guests, promising to offer a fresh and exciting take on the beloved franchise. We are yet to know what the release date it. Below I have a nip of the cartoon art.

Pokemon Unite

The latest updates on Pokemon Unite reveal a new playable character, Zacian, who comes with a super cool sword attack capable of defeating multiple enemies at once. Additionally, players can also access the holo wear for Zacian. Moreover, starting today, teams can participate in a new event where they can defeat larger bosses to earn exciting rewards. For fans eagerly awaiting competitive battles, the Pokemon Unite Asia Champions League is set to take place on March 18-19 in Kuala Lumpur, with all the battles being available for streaming on the official Pokemon YouTube channel. Keep an eye out for more updates on Pokemon Unite!

Pokemon Cafe Remix

Good news for Pokemon Cafe Remix players as the game receives an exciting update, featuring the latest Pokemon starters from the Scarlet and Violet versions. Once you have prepared a meal for them, you can choose one of the three starters to join your staff. In addition, Greninja will make a special appearance in the game until March 17. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to add new Pokemon to your cafe and enjoy their company.

Pokemon Masters EX

Pokemon Masters EX is celebrating its 3.5-year anniversary with an exciting update that brings three new battle pairs and a revisit from fan-favorite team Leon and his Charizard. The Galar region’s Neo Champions are the latest trainers to join the game, starting with Hop and the Galarian Zapdos from March 2nd to April 9th, followed by Bede and the Galarian Articuno from March 4th until April 9th, and lastly, Marnie and the Galarian Moltres from Feb 28th until April 9th. Don’t miss out on the chance to battle these new pairs and celebrate the milestone anniversary of Pokemon Masters EX!

Pokemon Sleep

After a long period of silence, we finally have some updates on Pokemon Sleep. Although the release date is yet to be confirmed, the game is not too far away. Pokemon Sleep, which is likely to be a mobile app, allows players to begin their journey with a sleeping Snorlax and collect other Pokemon that will also sleep alongside Snorlax when the player goes to bed. Pokemon Sleep is not just a game, but also a sleep tracking app that monitors your sleeping patterns, including when you are dozing, snoring, and slumbering. The app is designed to reward players for consistently getting a good night’s sleep. Keep an eye out for the official release of Pokemon Sleep, which is scheduled for later this year.

Pokemon Go+

Great news for Pokemon Go fans! The latest version of the Pokemon Go Plus device not only links to Pokemon Go, but it also connects to Pokemon Sleep. With this device, players can collect Pokemon balls and catch Pokemon without having to use or even open their phones, making the game even more accessible and convenient. Get ready to catch ’em all with ease, whether you’re out and about or cozy in your bed. The device release date is July 14th 2023 in Japan. You can pre order here!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Exciting news for all the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fans out there! There are two big announcements to get hyped about. Small info includes linking to Pokemon Go and Pokemon Home this year.

The first one is the introduction of two new Paradox Pokemon. While the idea is intriguing, some fans are disappointed with the changes made to Suicune’s design (particularly me). These new Paradox Pokemon can be found in Tera raid battles starting today. Make sure to log in and catch them while you can!

The second announcement concerns new DLCs that are set to release for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet later this year. Similar to Sword and Shield, there will be two DLCs that will unlock new areas and give access to existing Pokemon not typically found in the Paldon region. Both DLCs will have players assume the role of a student studying at another school, and will come with new uniforms. Players who purchase the DLCs before October will receive a special code for a Hisuian Zoroark that cannot be obtained through normal gameplay in Sword and Shield.

There are many exciting Pokemon releases coming in 2023, and I’ll do my best to keep you informed as new information becomes available.

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