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Missed out on the stream? Read all the best parts here!

Did you miss out last night or dont have the time to watch the whole stream? Well below I have the main highlights and new information released in the stream. If you wish to watch the stream watch it here.

Pokémon Unite

We have a release date for the game on mobile, you can pre reg online now to download it. If you do, you will get two special gifts! They also reminded us of the current free gift on the switch version which is Zeraora. Adding to the releases, two new Pokémon characters will also be added Mamoswie and Sylveon.

Pokémon Mix Cafe

The mobile Pokemon game is going under a be revamp and will be renamed to the Pokémon Cafe Remix. New puzzles, Pokemon and Pokemon outfits will also be added during this update. ETA is Fall 2021. So we still have a few months.

Pokémon Masters 2 year anniversary

A lot is going to be happening in the next two months to celebrate the birthday of another Pokémon Mobile game, Pokémon Masters EX. Dynamaxing will be introduced into the game as well as new sync pairs and 3 special events. To start off with the celebrations if you log into your game now you will be gifted 3000 gems.

Pokémon Go 5th Anniversary

We pretty much had most of this already covered in the Poke Go info but there will be new Galar Region Pokémon added and legendary Pokémon will be appearing in 5 star raids.

Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Most of the info was standard to the original game play of the DS Diamond and Pearl, with some slight tweaks. The remake will still include the extras like the Union Room, Pokémon walking behind you, contests and explorer kits so you can dig underground. What is amazing but we can not only still create our own secret base but now it actually does something! If you have a secret base and place statues inside you will go to a special area. In this secret area, Pokémon walk out of the grass just like Sword and Shield. You are able to catch Pokémon here, as some Pokémon are only located in these areas, which change Pokémon when you change which statues you have on display (pics below). A new feature added is stickers on your Poke balls. You can collect stickers along your journey and then paced them on your Poke balls to give your Pokémon a special ball entrance (like with stars for a shiny). You can also edit your characters close which you couldn’t do in the OG one.


Yes you heard right, do you remember the Dialga and Palkia Black Nintendo DS from 2006, well they have remade the exact same design and made a Switch Lite. Release date is November 5th.

Pokémon Legends Arceus

The newest type of Pokémon game which is crossed with action and RPG. We found out some of the general story line, like the name of the region, the main story of the game is filling your pokedex by catch and also researching Pokémon. You can craft items just like Assasins Creed and do missions like in Vahalla. Really its like a few games smash into one with a beautiful Japanese art. Honestly I think it will be amazing and lots of us will spend way to many hours on it.

You can catch Pokémon by sneaking up on them, or also battling them. We don’t have Pokémon Centers but we have camps (like little camp sites in Horizon Dawn), where you can heal yourself and your Pokémon. We have two types of attacks for each move, Agile (Id call standard) and Strong. Pretty much Agile you will have less hit damage but will be quicker, where’s with strong you may hit them out with one ht but your Pokémon moves slow and my get injured.

New Pokémon and new Pokémon forms have been added 🙂

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