Pokemon Scarlet & Violet TCG Promo Card


Exclusive Japan Pokemon Scarlet & Violet TCG Promo Card!

A new exclusive Pikachu Promo card has been announced in Japan. This card features Pikachu with the three new Pokemon Scarlet & Violet starters. To be able to obtain this card you will need to pre order the new Pokemon games direct from Pokemon Center Japan during their reservation period. There is also other pre order bonus’ included with the Pokemon Center Japan pre-orders, like official artbooks, special box packaging and free downloadable game content.

You can order either one of the games and get the artbook and promo card or get the double pack and you get both artbooks and 2 promos!

Lets have a look!

The Pokemon Scarlet And Violet games release on November 18th 2022 for the Nintendo Switch.

You can currently pre order the Japanese Double Pack here that comes with the special promo and artbooks.

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