Pokemon Skechers Singapore


Pokemon Skechers in Singapore !

Skechers a well know sneaker brand has collaborated again with Pokemon Asia in Singapore. Before anyone gets too excited sadly we cannot not and will not get these sneakers here. The first collab between sketchers and Pokemon Asian was the kids style sneakers and crocks and now we have adults size sneakers.

One thing I dont like is that they have seperated the Pokemon into Mens only and Womans only. You can get get both Pikachu and Snorlax sneakers in both Mens and Womans, but the Charizard sneaker is mens only with the Mew being female only.

Have a suss below 🙂

Kids Sneakers

Adult Sneakers

I don’t think they look very ‘Pokemon’. If I saw someone in the street there is little to no chance I’d notice besides the little images on the back of the sneakers. I think the Pokemon x Converse or Puma or even Adidas ones have a little more flare!

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