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Pokemon Sleep Collection: Adorable Merchandise Now Available at Pokemon Center Japan

Get ready to catch some Zs with the cutest Pokemon Sleep merchandise now available at Pokemon Center locations across Japan. To celebrate the global launch of Pokemon Sleep, the Pokemon Company has released a charming lineup of sleep-themed items that are sure to delight fans of all ages.

The Pokemon Sleep Collection features four adorable sleeping plushies, each capturing the essence of a beloved Pokemon in their most peaceful slumber. Choose from Sleeping Pikachu, Sleeping Slowpoke, Sleeping Cubone, and Sleeping Chikorita Puffy Plushies. For those looking to transform their bedroom into a cozy Pokemon sleep haven, the collection includes a Falling Asleep Snorlax Diecut Towel Blanket, perfect for snuggling up during those lazy days.

Keep time with a delightful Mareep Light Alarm Clock, featuring the fluffy sheep Pokemon lighting up your mornings in a whimsical way. And what’s a good night’s sleep without a comfy night cap? The Weepingbell Night Cap, will add a touch of Pokemon charm to your bedtime routine. For Pokemon enthusiasts who want to carry the magic of sleep with them, the Snorlax Eye Mask is a must-have accessory. It’s the perfect companion for peaceful slumber, even for the biggest Snorlax fans.

Create the ultimate Pokemon-themed sleep space with the Single Bed Cover 3-Set. This dreamy set will transport you to the world of Pokemon as you drift off to dreamland. Only if you have a single bed though 🙁

So, get ready to bring the enchanting world of Pokemon Sleep into your own bedroom. Whether you’re a dedicated Pokemon Trainer or simply a fan of adorable merchandise, the Pokemon Sleep Collection offers something for everyone. Sleep tight with your favourite Pokemon by your side! If you would like to order anything from this collection you can so here 🙂

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