Pokèmon Smile app

Pokèmon Smile is a newly released app designed to motivate children to brush their teeth by making teeth brushing an adventure.

Catch a 100 different species of Pokèmon

Children can defeat the troublesome bacteria by skillful brushing to make Pokèmon appear. If kids brush their teeth well, they will be able to rescue the Pokèmon. There are 100 Pokèmon different Pokèmon to rescue, so kids will want to keep brushing their to complete their Pokedex.

Wear amusing caps or even look like a Pokèmon

By regularly brushing their teeth kids are able to unlock amusing Pokèmon caps that will appear on their head in the game as they brush their teeth. Kids get to see themselves wearing a hat or even looking like a Pokèmon.

Set up a reminder and even a timer

Pokèmon Smile lets you set up a reminder for kids to clean their teeth and even has a timer for between one and three minutes to help keep track of how long they need to brush.

Receive rewards for brushing your teeth!

Kids brushing their teeth regularly will receive rewards for their achievements. Can they earn the Brushing Master award?

Helpful advice on toothbrushing

There is helpful advice to help kids improve their skills cleaning their teeth.

This app is available now on the App store and on Google. I think it’s safe to say that it will be a life saver for parents!

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