Pokemon Snap 64 on Nintendo Store


The original Pokemon Snap 64 is now on switch online!

Last year the classic Pokémon Snap that was on Nintendo 64 got a remake on the latest Pokémon console the Nintendo Switch. As good as the New Pokémon Snap was, sometimes nothing beats the original. The Pokémon Snap 64 was released back on the 21st of March 1999 and it still rates as 91% of people who have played it liked it. If we want to get really technical us Aussies had to wait awhile as it wasn’t until March 23rd 2000. Below you can see all the different game artworks, one for Japan, one for Europe and the US/Australian one.

It was such a big hit that Pokémon Snap Station Kiosks appeared in mainly the US and some in Australia at our local Blockbusters. If you don’t know what Blockbuster is, them this game is probably older than you.

Lucky for us Nintendo has now released the OG on the Nintendo Switch Online. Nothing has been edited, we have the original levels, Pokémon and Professor Oak to critique your pictures. You will need to have a Nintendo Subscription and also have the online package it’s about $50 a year and you get a large range of classic games to play for free. So its totally worth it.

Watch the official Nintendo release video with the classic graphics.

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