Pokémon starters Seiko Watches


Seikon Watch Co. have announced their own Kanto starters Watches!

Seiko is jumping on the Pokemon band wagon this year and starting right from the start, Kanto. The president and CEO announced the three watch collection at the head office in Chou-ku, Tokyo. All three starters have their own watch and special box and omg they look stunning!

Look at these boys.

Each one is unique to the Pokemon, with the background of the watch based on their best move. The little time indicators also have cute sneaky touches, Grass having a flower pattern, Fire like a flame and Water a droplet. The first evolution and second evolution are displayed on the front on the watch with the final evolution on the back.

A lot that its a whole set, you have special boxes and cleaning clothes for each watch. They will be released in Japan Seiko retailers/partners from August 6th 2021. Pre Orders are now Open here 🙂

Author: Jesska

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