Pokemon Sword and Shield Leaked Information


More info has been leaked! New Pokemon, Cut Pokemon and More!

If you don’t want to know the secrets and want to keep S&S a surprise for yourself, Don’t read any further!!!

Lets start off with New Pokemon!

A total of 400 Pokemon will appear in the new games. There are 94 new Pokemon, lets call these guys Generation 8. 81 of them are new species of Pokemon and 13 are Galarian forms,

What Pokemon that wont appear in Sword & Shield?

Below all the Pokemon not highlighted in green have been cut from the game.

Gym Leader’s and Types

  • Grass Type: Milo
  • Water Type: Nessa
  • Fire Type: Kabu
  • Ghost Type: Allister
  • Fairy Type: Opal
  • Ice Type: Melony
  • Dark Type: Piers
  • Dragon Type: Raihan
  • Fight Type: Bea
  • Ground Type: Unknown

Notice that there are 10 Gyms? Each game will have 8 Gym leaders however 2 will change for the first time, on the opposite game. We do know that the Fighting Gym and Ground Gym are in Pokemon Sword, with the being swapped over in Shield to a Ghost Gym and Ice Gym.

Pokemon Game Map

Below we have images of the Galar Region Map. You can’t be a real Pokemon trainer without a Map to guide you.

Pokemon Menu

Here we have images of the Pokemon Menu, Settings, Pokedex, Bag and Local Communications.

A lot has been leaked in this Pokemon game, I really am quiet surprised. The Pokemon Company usually has a tight grip on these things. We only have 10 more days until the release. So the question is, ‘Now that we know what the final evolution are for the starter Pokemon, who will you choose?’

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