Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield Details


New Legendaries, New Pokemon, New Features, a whole new world is coming!

Pokemon have just released in a Nintendo announcement what we can expect from the new Pokemon games coming to Nintendo Switch. I’ll try to cut it down to the best stuff.

First off…… CAMERA ANGLE CONTROL! Some people might thing who cares but this is the first time in a Pokemon game to have this control. Even the Nintendo Gamecube games didn’t lets us have control of this. It helps us look out into open, as well as finding items.

When you are looking to catch Pokemon you go to the forests/grass lands which are now called ‘Wild Areas’. Different Pokemon will appear depending on the time of the day and the weather.

Next we have ‘Dynamax’. The way I would explain it is another version of mega evolution. A trainer can only use it once in battle and it lasts for three turns. Dynamax causes your Pokemon to grow super large and also boost up its power.

Along with Dynamax brings a multi battle feature called ‘Max Raid Battle‘. These locations are scattered around in wild areas. Meet up with local or online Pokemon trainers to battle and catch these wild Pokemon.

Pokemon Gym Leaders. Gym’s Leaders can now be found in large stadium like gyms. You will have a whole crowed of people who will be cheering you on… to win or lose. The current Pokemon Champ in Galar is Leon. You will need to beat him to become a Pokemon Champion.

New Pokemon. So far we got a sneak peak at five new Pokemon.

Now the Legendaries!

They are Wolves, I am very very very please with these new Pokemon. It’s going to be hard to choose which one?

Release Day! is the 15th of November 2019.

AND for the first time ever you can pre-order bundle packs. This means you get both Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield.

Check out all the new details on the Pokemon website:


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