Pokemon Sword & Shield Experience


People in Japan get the chance to win a place in the secret trial!

Ever heard of the Japan ‘Pokemon Secret Club’? In order to be a member of this exclusive club you must be in Japan and have pre-ordered a copy of Sword or Shield or both!

The secret club is a limited time only promotion for the new Pokemon game. Being apart of the club does have some amazing benefits. Exclusive video’s, gifts and events.

Speaking of events! 140 lucky members will get the chance to play the secret Sword & Shield trial! They will be drawn at random on August 22nd, ready for the event on September 21st. We wont get a chance to play however they have given us some snap shots of the live game play we haven seen before!

In this trial, they will challenge a Pokémon Gym, where the water leader, Lurina, who is an expert in water, stands out. This is a chance to experience a powerful battle using Dymax!

What do you guy’s think? I love the detail of the Water Gym and the new camera angles. It’s going to be game changer for all Pokemon games with this new feature.

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