Pokemon TCG Dark Phantasma


The next TCG Expansion Dark Phantasma has been announced!

Pokemon Center Japan announced a new Expansion focused on Zoroark and its phantom illusions. The new Hisuian Zoroark is the main Pokemon in this set as we can see by the booster art but he also has an amazing VStar full art as well along with Goodra. I wouldn’t be surprised if some Gengar and other Dark Pokemon secret rares start appearing.

This set has 71 different cards not including the Secret Rares. Each booster box holds 20 packs with 6 cards per pack. This Japanese set should become apart of our English set ‘Lost Origin’ which has an ETA of August.

The set’s reverse holos will again feature glittery Poke Balls like those in Battle Region.

Release date is set at May 13th! What a perfect fit for a Dark Set. Booster boxes are now listed on our interest list. Sign up Here!

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