Pokemon TCG Expansion Paradigm Trigger


The Pokemon TCG Expansion Paradigm Trigger Secret Rares and More!

Tomorrow the latest Pokemon TCG Expansion Paradigm Trigger will be released. The cards you are about to see are the Japanese set but we already know many of the cards in this set will be in our Silver Tempest English set. The Paradigm Trigger Set has 125 cards with 98 standard cards and 27 secret rares. The Symbol for this set is a Victory Symbol.

Lets have a look at the cards we know about so far!

I love that the Unknowns are back! These really are under rated and haven’t been re released since the Pokemon Spell of the Unknown Movie in 2003.

A special Mystery Box will also be released with this expansion.

It includes:

  • Expansion pack “Paradigm Trigger” x 7 packs
  • Card box x 1
  • Promo card pack x 1 pack
  • Deck case x 1
  • Deck shield x 1 set (64 sheets)

The booster box is now listed on our interest list 🙂 Click here to have a look!

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