Pokemon TCG Expansion Scarlet ex & Violet ex 


The next Pokemon TCG Expansion Scarlet ex Violet ex has been announced!

Goodbye Sword and Shield, the new Pokemon Scarlet EX and Violet EX sets are here bring back an old TCG style, as well as a new Tera style card. The “Pokemon ex” mechanic that first debuted in 2003’s EX Ruby & Sapphire TCG is now back in action within the game. With this new Expansion set there is the Expansions one with Koraidon and the other Miraidon. This will be a tight nit set with only 5 cards in each packet and 30 packets in a booster box. There will also be 3 types of deck boxes and a Trainer box.

Have a suss below.

Pokemon TCG Expansion Scarlet ex Violet ex is set to release in Japan on January 20, 2023. If you wish to wait for the English set it has been confirmed that it will release in English on March 31st, 2023.

Interest list for all items is currently up here.

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