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Pokemon Introduces Paradox Rift Expansion: Dive into Time and Power

Exciting news for all Pokemon TCG enthusiasts! The Pokemon Company has officially unveiled the upcoming expansion titled “Paradox Rift,” set to be released on Friday, November 3rd. This expansion marks the fourth instalment in the highly popular Scarlet & Violet series.

The Paradox Rift expansion promises to take players on an exhilarating journey into a world that seems to defy the boundaries of time. With a mix of Ancient and Future Pokemon, this set introduces a dynamic range of gameplay options that are sure to keep players on the edge of their seats.

Elite Trainer Boxes with Special Promos

The Elite Trainer Boxes for the Paradox Rift expansion are designed to immerse players into the heart of the set’s themes. There are two options to choose from: the Roaring Moon box featuring a Scream Tail promo, or the Iron Valiant box with an Iron Bundle promo. While the specifics of these promos are still under wraps, the cards from their respective sets were unveiled recently.

Dive into the Paradox Rift Set

The Paradox Rift set description offers a tantalizing glimpse into what awaits players. Ancient Pokemon like Roaring Moon ex and Sandy Shocks ex, known for their ferocious attacks, share the stage with artificial Future Pokemon such as Iron Valiant ex and Iron Hands ex. The expansion also introduces the concept of “Terastallization” where familiar Pokemon like Garchomp ex and Mewtwo ex take on new types, with Water-type Garchomp ex being a standout.

A Rich Array of Cards

The Paradox Rift expansion boasts an impressive array of cards, including over 180 cards in total. The introduction of Ancient and Future Pokemon introduces a refreshing twist to gameplay mechanics. Expect to see 13 Pokemon ex and seven Tera Pokemon ex, along with 34 illustration rare Pokemon, 15 special illustration rare Pokemon and Supporter cards, and 28 ultra rare full-art etched Pokemon ex and Supporter cards. Additionally, there will be seven hyper rare gold etched cards and over 20 Trainer cards.

The Return of Technical Machines

Technical Machines make a comeback in the form of new Pokemon Tool cards. These cards grant access to new attacks when attached, opening up exciting strategic possibilities in battles.

Embrace the Paradox

Paradox Pokemon with the labels “Ancient” and “Future” herald a gameplay experience that transcends time. Ancient Pokemon are known for their power and resilience, boasting direct attacks and impressive durability. On the other hand, Future Pokemon are defined by their speed and technique, with Abilities and attacks that offer strategic finesse.

A Comprehensive Expansion

The English set of Paradox Rift is a culmination of September’s Raging Surf expansion, its associated Tera Mewtwo ex and Tera Skeledirge ex decks, and October’s Ancient Roar & Future Flash.

Booster boxes and Standard Elite Trainer Boxes and the Pokemon Center Excusive Elite Trainer Boxes are now all up for pre order.

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