Pokemon TCG Sword and Shield Silver Tempest

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The next Pokemon TCG English Set has been announced ‘Silver Tempest’

The Silver Temptest TCG expansion will be the last Sword and Shield TCG set in the Pokemon series, as the next Scarlet and Violet will take its place. The main Pokemon focus in this set is Alohan Vuplix and our favourite beast of the sea Lugia. The cards in this set come from the Japanese sets Incandescent Arcana and Paradigm Trigger. Finally all the Silver Tempest items have been released in Australia so lets see what we have.

First up we have the standard 36 packet booster box and four different artworks for the singles.

These can be pre ordered here!

Next we have the ETBs and the Pokemon Center US has also done an exclusive release.

They are pretty much the same however in the Pokemon Center edition you get 2 more boosters and a Vulpix coin. You can pre-order the standard Australian ETB here and pre-order the Pokemon Center US one here.

Next we have a 9 sleeve folder, the pre deck and some 3 pack blisters with a special promo and coin.

The main cards to collect in this set are:

Release date is currently set for November 11th 2022.

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