Pokemon Themed Galazy Z Flip


Samsung Korea have announced a Pokemon Themed Galaxy Z Flip!

Samsung has announced a new themed Galaxy Z Flip 3 and its Pokemon! Wooooooooo! This limited phone is the ultimate collectors piece, even I’m trying to get one. The phone comes with a PokeDex themed pouch necklace, swappable Pikachu cases, lanyard, key chain, stickers and Pokemon ball stand. If you don’t think that’s enough, Samsung has gone one step further and pre installed on the phone is already phone themed ringtones and wallpapers!

No other pictures have been released yet but the Koren Samsung site shows a count down of about 3 hours, so hopefully we will know more very soon. What we do know is this themed phone will probably be about $1.5k + and people in Korea are already trying to buy the stickers inside for more than 10x the price. So this phone is going to sky rocket for sure!

There is no signs that Samsung will release this Pokemon Flip Phone in any other region 🙁


The Pokemon Galazy Z Flip is now listed on Samsung Koreas online store, it must be sold out already as you cannot add to cart 🙁 I tried ha. But We can now see all the items close up in this collectors edition.

All the Pokemon accessories are amazing, I think the Pokedex pouch has to be my favourite. I am really surprised they didn’t do the phone itself. Online you can still pick from one of the standard 4 Flip colours but that’s just me. It would defiantly be a nice piece and be worth a lot in the future if kept in the right condition.

But wait there is more!

There is also some secret stickers floating around in some lucky peoples boxes as they snuck in a rare Mew stickers randomly.

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