Pokémon Trading Card Game Live!


A new Free to Play App on PC, Mac and Mobile Devices!

The Pokemon Company have announced a brand new free-to-play app for PC, Mac, and mobile devices which will be the successor to PTCGO called Pokemon Trading Card Game Live!. 

The app will initially launch in Canada before a global open beta for PC and Mac later this year. This new iteration of playing Pokemon TCG online will allow players to transfer their content from PTCGO on initial login although Pokemon Trainers will no longer be able to trade with other users unlike PTCGO. The game will only support cards from Lost Thunder onwards at launch, however cards dating back to Black & White era will be added in future updates.

This looks like a big step in trying to get more players involved with Pokemon TCG by bringing a new coat of paint and better infrastructure to the online game.

If you’re mainly a collector, does this new reveal make you excited to try out Pokemon TCG? If you’re a long term player what are your thoughts on this new game?

More details on Pokemon Trading Card Game Live! can be found here.

Author: Jesska

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