Pokèmon: Twilight Wings; A Galar Region Short series


A new Anime series short is coming out in January 2020 and it’s exclusive to the Galar Region. Twilight Wings is a limit seven episode series.

This series is separate from the current Galar series that is airing currently in Japan. Over the seven episodes, Twilight Wings will show in detail the residents of the Galar Region and their hopes and dreams as Pokèmon trainers. It also shows the challenges and conflicts they face.

Fans will also expect to see Pokèmon appearing that have already originally appeared in the Galar series. Each episode will be approximately 5 minutes long. Animation will be provided by studio Colorido which is known for its warm design.

The first episode will air on the official Pokemon Youtube Channel on January 15th. It has been confirmed it will also be in English (Yay no subs). We will link the episode once aired.

That’s all we know for now, all we can do is play the waiting game!

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