Pokemon Twilight Wings – Special Episode

Pokemon Twilight Wings the limited animated series set in the Galar Region had just recently concluded its seventh and final episode for the series. However fans are in for a treat because there is a new Pokemon Twilight Wings episode called “The Gathering of Stars”

This special episode is scheduled to release this November and will feature familiar characters along with new faces of the Galar Region. The Twilight Wings production staff have reunited to produce The Gathering of Stars episode so it will remain true to the previous episodes.

Like the other episodes of Twilight Wings, this new episode will be available to watch on the Pokemon TV app and also on the Pokemon Official YouTube channel.

This is great news, the Twilight Wings series was great, but I felt like it wasn’t long enough so I am very happy to see that they are bringing out a new episode. Be sure to check back here as we will have the episode on here ready when it’s released.

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