Pokémon UNITE Celebrates Mobile Anniversary


Pokémon UNITE Celebrates its 1st Mobile Anniversary with updates!

On September 22 2022, it’s one year since Pokemon Unite was released on our mobiles. To celebrate the Pokemon Company has announced some special events, including new Pokemon, a new Map and new Battle Pass. Below is all the info we have for all of September.

Battle Pass 10!

This battle pass is now available on switch and mobile up until October 12th. If you battle and do all the missions for this pass you have the chance to get new Holowear. You even get the change to get the Captain Style Cinderance and the Space Style Gengar.

Mew Challenge

Mew is now on the scene! For a limited time (now until Oct 12th) if you do the in game special event Mews Mural Challenge you can obtain Mew for your party without purchasing him via coins or gems.

Rayquaza Event

Head to the Sku Ruins! A new map has been released for unite players. On this new map the legendaries Regieleki, Regirock, Regice, and Registeel will be as wild pokemon. If you defeat these legendaries they will then battle on your side (this is always handy!). In the final 2 minutes of the battle Rayquaza will appear in the center!

Legacy Trainer Showdown

To take part in the legacy trainer showdown you will need to use Trainer Battel Tickets. These are given for free, 1 per day per user. Then you can battle against Leon, Raihan, Cynthia, Korrina, and Green, in any random order.

Latest Holowear

From now until October 15th, if you have drawn 20 capsules you can receive Tuxedo Style: Venusaur, From September 21st if you do the same again you will also get a Tuxedo Style: Espeon.

1st Mobile Birthday Gifts

From Now until October 12th, if you log in 5 days in a row and play Pokemon Unite, you will get the following Holowear gifts as a part of the 1st birthday celebration.

Day 1: Pikachu and Fashionable Style: Pikachu
Day 2: Lucario and Concert Style: Lucario
Day 3: Blastoise and Firefighter Style: Blastoise
Day 4: Snorlax and Bedtime Style: Snorlax
Day 5: Sylveon and Checkered Style: Sylveon

Random Pokemon Fact

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