Pokémon Unite Release for Mobile


Pokémon Unite for Mobile can now be downloaded!

Get your phones and onto your App Store, Pokémon Unite can now be downloaded on smart phones. The Pokemon Unite Producer also announced some new updates for the game, Switch or Mobile.

The first thing and what I think is the most important thing is the cross platform sync. By logging into your account (I would assume like we do in Pokemon Home, Nintendo Account required) you can then play on the same account, with all your Pokemon and extras on either device. I have waited so long for this! One day we will be able to play Pokemon Sword or Shield on our phones. That’s my dream. Bored waiting at the doctors…. bored no more with a pocket full of Pokemon.

Next is new in game events. In these events you will be able to get super item enhancers that can upgrade the items to grade 30. They also noted they made it easier for all trainers to obtain these item enhancers (thank god!).

There will be new items to introduce new strategies to the game. A new section for United Squads. This is a good one! With Unite Squads you will be able to team up remotely with other teammates/friends.

A second battle pass will be released which will feature all-new cosmetic items, including new Holowear with special visual effects.

There will also be some more spectator mode features and new languages added so more people around the world can play!

Now once its downloaded don’t get too excited because we have to wait till later today. If you try to play you will get the notification below:

The producer also confirmed that many more, levels, characters and items will be released 🙂

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