Pokemon V Theme Decks

The Pokemon company has announced a new series of structure decks slated for release in Japan. In total, there are 9 decks being released, one of each element used in Pokemon. Each deck is a ready to play piece with their own strategies and syngeries. The decks are as follows:

Grass: This deck is represented through Venusaur V. It specialises in a slower, grindier playstyle designed to give you the opportunity to set up a big board and take KOs from there.

Fire: Is represented through Incineroar V, it uses abilities to speed up energy placement to allow for bigger attacks much faster than opponents coupled with items used to boost damage.

Water: Is shown through Wailord V, it is all about added bulk to the HP stat, the aim is to use Wailord’s absolutely massive HP stat to take hits and build up to massive attacks using items to further pad the life total of Pokemon in play.

Electric: Is represented through Pikachu V. Shocking, we know. The idea behind this deck is to take advantage of Pikachu’s secondary attack which deals 30 damage times the number of benched Pokemon. So it’s a rush strategy which revolves around filling the bench and hitting big.

Psychic: The face of the Psychic deck is Mew V. This deck preys upon energy counts with Mew being able to deal 30 damage times the amount of energy attached to each active Pokemon.

Fighting: Which is headed by the ever iconic Lucario V. This deck is about honest and raw damage going in all directions with simple buffing items and the ability to strike the bench.

Dark: The face of this deck is Galarian Slowbro V which works with a very interesting trapping synergy  with Poison to lock your opponent down. Using trainers to help keep the lock in place.

Steel: Headed up by Duraludon this is a deck that works on using it’s ability to reduce incoming damage and slowly build up momentum. It also uses metal saucer for small bits of acceleration.

Normal: Which is represented through Eevee V makes use of a trainer focused synergy that allows it to deal boosted damage whenever you use a trainer that turn. It also packs double colourless energies which are VERY important.

These are rough translations from the base website which can be viewed here.

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