Pokemon Vending Machines!


Kansai Aiport has just announced their new Pokemon Stall (Vending Machine). Items available for purchase through the machine, are the original popular products and also the limited edition Airport Pikas!

 These are also available at the Kansai Pokemon Center. It may be small but it is filled wall to wall! So make sure to also check it out.
This new machine makes number 5! As they are also installed at Haneda Airport International Terminal, Aqua City Odaiba, Ebina SA and Ashigara SA.
These vending machines are also ‘Pokemon Go’, Gym battles and Raid battles. So keep a look out, if you are a Pokemon Go Trainer.
Shop at Pokemon Stand and receive RotoPon! For everyone who shopped at the ‘Pokemon Stand’ they will receive a serial code for RotoPon. This will be for download on  either Pokemon Ultra Sun or Moon.

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