Pokémon Wonder Theme Park

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Pokémon Wonder, A New Pokémon Themed Forest Theme Park!

The Pokemon Company has announced a new Theme Park on the outskirts of Tokyo, Japan. The Park is a 4,500 square meter forest, to give the Pokemon fans a beautiful grassy wonder theme. This gives the feeling of a real life Pokemon Go and Pokemon Snap, trainers will have 50 different types of Pokemon they will need to hunt in the park.

They have released a video on the Pokémon Japan Youtube.

How amazing is that Metapod!

If only we could travel right? Well lets have a look as some more images that have been released today.

It does look quiet beautiful over there doesn’t it. So what happens if you go there? Well! If you take a bunch of friends, there is a maximum of two teams of 6 people in the park exhibit at a time. On arrival you will be greeted by the research team of Professor Kureso and Pikachu, they will give you a briefing on the 50 different types of Pokémon they need to find in the forest. But their is a catch! Each team will get 90 minutes to hunt. It’s open to adults/families and children so you can even take the whole family for a Pokemon Hunting day!

Pokemon Wonder will be open from July 17th until April 3rd 2022, so I am sure their will be many more updates on this new awesome theme park.

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