Pokemon World Market Collection


The world of Pokemon! All seven regions have come together in a World Market!

No matter which starter Pokemon or region is your favourite this collection has something you’ll love.

I honestly think this collection is a mash up of, a little bit of everything, however there are some items that I think are GREAT ideas that they can follow on from for the future.

The Petit Figure Collection I think is very awesome. Each figure has little bits relevant to its region. Next is the alolan exeggutor pen. HOW AWESOME. I would love multiple Pokemon shaped pens for my work desk that’s for sure. Besides the moomoo milk stainless steel drink bottle and the magikarp purse, we have our usual themed items like the A4 folders, phone covers and mini towels etc.

This collection is set to be released in Pokemon Centers around Japan and online from the 29th of July.

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