Pokemon x RockLove Pikachu and Slyveon Jewellery


The Pokemon Center and Rock Love have released new Pikachu and Slyveon Jewellery!

Overnight the Pokemon Center US Online store stocked some new items. Five different types of Pokemon jewellery designed and manufactured by Hit US jewellery Rock Love. This isnt the first time Rock Love has created Pokemon products, they even have their own ‘Pokemon’ section on their own store, but you wont find these ones on there as they are a Pokemon Center US exclusive.

Lets have a look 🙂

All items are made from nickel free stirling silver and crystals. I particulaly love the stacking rings, these are a fabulous idea, they don’t even look like they are separate rings. Hopefully they will bring out some more with different Pokemon for the rest of us.

I am now taking orders for all 5 jewellery items until out of stock in the US. Click Here 🙂

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