Sealed TCG Products, Accessories and Live Card Breaks!

Love the Pokemon TCG? Then PokeNerds is for you. They are the one stop TCG Shop located in the US. What separates PokeNerds from the rest? They do live breaks every week. This is streamed on their Twitch & Youtube Channel.

Not only do you get to suss out the new cards but you can buy into the break! How does that work? Easy!

Step 1 : Grab Your Spot

A majority of our breaks are random. Which means that 11 – 12 people buy into a box break and then are randomly assigned a particular type in the box. Take for example “Fire”.

Step 2: Show Up For The Break

Our breaks happen every Friday at 7pm CST on both Twitch and Youtube. So, just show up for your break at the designated time and place and get ready for the show. 

Step 3: Receive All Your Cards

At the beginning of your break we will randomly spots to each person. If you are chosen to receive all the FIre cards all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the show with the community and then wait a few days for your Pokemon Cards to show up in the mail. 

Want to open them yourselves? That’s okay too! Buy one booster, three booster packs, or go all out and get a full box for yourself. PokeNerds use their special ‘Quick Attack’ shipping that gets your cards to your door lightening fast. Might as well add in some sleeves and top loaders too, just in case you get some stunning full arts.

PokeNerds have a current giveaway! It’s a ‘A Day With Pikachu: Feeling Thankful’, these are exclusive pops to the US and usually sell out in an hour of becoming live online.

Right now they also have a special 10% discount on all Pokemon cards, if you use the code USA (it’s in honor of veterans day here in the states).

You can check out their website and other information on their site here: https://pokenerds.co/

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