Pre-Download Let's Go!


The worst thing about consoles these days is EVERY game needs to be installed/downloaded to the console. Well if you are not getting a hard copy of Pokemon Let’s Go Nintendo have listened to our problems!

You can now download Let’s go Eevee and Pikachu.

Like right now!

Install now and have it waiting for you. On November 16th simply log into your account on the switch and connect to the Nintendo store to confirm your game and then that’s it! Play away!
Personally I like to have hard copies of all my games, so I will need to wait, but in the mean time check out the vid below by Axom, for the first 10 mins of gameplay. Hopefully this will help us cope for the next nine days.

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Author: Jesska

An Artist, a Web Designer but most of all a Pokemon Collector! Owner of the Pokemon Newspaper.

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