Professor Juniper Premium Tournament Collection


The “Professor Juniper Premium Tournament Collection” has finally been revealed!

A few weeks ago we had a leak that a new Prof. Tournament Box was on the way and we can now confirm it is true. The next Premium Tournament Collection will be based on Professor Juniper. The Collection Box will include:

  • Three Foil Professor Research Cards
  • 65 Juniper Card Sleeves
  • A Juniper Deck Box
  • Large Metallic coin with Juniper on it
  • Two Game Coin Markers and 6 Dice
  • 7 Booster Packets
  • Pokemon TCG Live Code

Check it out below:

Release date has been announced at May 20th 2022. Just like the Marnie Premium Tournament Boxes these will be released only in the US. They are now listed on our interest list here.

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