Project Piplup Promo Card


A Project Piplup Promo Card has been announced in Japan!

First off what is Project Piplup? Project Piplup is a project that not only spreads the charm of Piplup to the world, but also supports you with Piplup through various activities. If you check the website you will see that Piplup appears in the Japanese Pokemon Kids channel and small events around Japan. The very first Project Promo has been announced and its available from various places around Japan. Don’t stress to much about availability as they did say it will be available in the future.

Locations are:

  • Pokémon Center Stores – 1 per person, per transaction
  • Pokémon Center Online – 1 per online purchase
  • Lawson Stores – 1 per person, per transaction
  • BANDAI NAMCO Amusement – 1 per ticket purchase

The release date has been set at 21st of September, so that’s only one week away!

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