Rock Love at the Pokemon Center US


New Rock Love Pokémon Jewellery has been released at the Pokémon Center!

Overnight while us Aussies were snoozing, the Pokémon Center US added lots of new additions online. Two new items have been released, a Dragonair bracelet and Mudkip earrings. Both of these items are made by the amazing right ranked in the Pokémon sculpture field, Rock Love. Rock Love are an American based company that have made their very own collection of Pokémon Jewellery. Check out all the different Pokes here.

Now I was super excited when I saw this!

A mystical Dragonair snake chain bracelet. Have your Pokémon partner right by your side.

Beautiful isnt it!

This piece comes in two sizes 198mm x 3mm and 170mm x 3mm. Made from durable brass, plated in polished silver with the face features hand enameled.

We also got a new cute piece.

Mudkip Earrings

Soooooo adorable!

They are made with nickel-free sterling silver and hand enameled detail with cheerful, bright colours. Size is approx.

17.8 mm long by 12.9mm wide

Two more necklaces have been added!

These items are exclusive to the Pokemon Center US Online store, but don’t worry we have you covered! Order your Dragonair Bracelet here!

Pre-Orders for Mudkip Earrings are not open on Dragonites Kyomi – however if we get some more interest we might order a few. Lets us know! ?

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